Paul headshotI never took a gap year at University, nor have I every really been ‘traveling’ in the true sense of the word. The furthest I had gone was to America, and even then it was just New York and Florida on the East coast, so I was hardly a budding Sir Walter Raleigh.

After graduating from University and getting stuck in to a career of digital marketing, I was beginning to get hunkered down in the UK. Before I knew it I’d be married, with a mortgage and a kid, and any ambitions of exploring the other side of the world would have been scuppered.

This worried me.

Luckily, my job pays nearly triple in Australia what it does in the UK, simply because the Aussies have a severe online marketing skills shortage. This got me thinking about the possibility of moving down under.

After several years of toying with the idea, I put in some speculative Skype calls to digital agencies in Australia at the beginning of 2012 to get a feel of what was available. Bizarrely, after just a chat on the phone, two agencies offered me positions there and then! I turned both down, but it gave me reassurance that I could easily get work over there.

Paul & Natalie by Sydney Harbour BridgeAfter discussing it with my partner, Natalie, in July 2012 we finally decided that we’d do it and make the move.

Then a few months later, as if by fate, the company I worked for in the UK (Epiphany) revealed that they would be opening an office in Sydney. You couldn’t have made it up!

I had several discussions with Epiphany over the following 6 months, and in May 2013 I accepted an amazing opportunity to head up their Asia-Pacific operations in the position of SEO Director based out of Sydney, Australia.

We finally moved to explore a new life in Oz in August 2013.

This blog is somewhere where I can share my adventures throughout Australia with you all, along with providing some useful travel guides from first-hand experience, and offering some help with emigrating if you too are thinking of moving to Australia!

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