Trains, Pains & Autonomy

It was 5:35pm in the middle of evening rush hour on a Wednesday afternoon at Erskineville train station in Sydney.

As this inner west area is a popular Sydney commuter location, the number of people that alight at the stop is high, and so I exited the train along with at least 50 other individuals. Among…

Bondi Vet - Dr Chris Brown sexy / rude - banner

Bondi Vet – Dr. Chris Brown Getting Sexy [GIF]

Are you looking for my animated GIF of Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown getting sexy? You’re in the right place! Behold…

I know it’s childish, but I just couldn’t resist!

On Series 6 Episode 9 of the Channel 10 TV show “Bondi Vet”,…

24 Hours of Pancakes - banner

Taking Pancake Day on in Style!

Pancakes are one of those things that are always fun to make, but something I usually only rustle up at this time of year and I have no idea why that is, but it always seems a shame.

So this year, to ensure I get my full pancake fix, I’m going to spend a whole day…

Tony Hawk - Bowl-A-Rama Bondi, Sydney 2014

Bowl-A-Rama 2014 – The Return of Tony Hawk

On the south end of Bondi Beach there is a skate park with a large split level concrete skate bowl sunk into the ground. Even if you have never visited Bondi and seen the bowl in person, you will have most probably seen it in a music video at one time or another as numerous…


Apparently My Arm Doesn’t Like Being Bitten

When an Aussie tells you that you should probably go see a doctor, you go and see a doctor.

I woke up a few days ago with an itchy elbow. Something had bit me.

This was nothing out of the ordinary as there are loads of things out here that will give you a nip; ants, mosquitoes,…

Australia Day 2014 - Sydney Opera House

Australia Day 2014

Australia Day is a weird one. On one hand, having a day where everyone gets together and celebrates their country is brilliant and I wish the English got into the same spirit for St. George’s Day, however Australia Day also has a rather dark side to it.

Australia Day, celebrated on 26th January each…

Melbourne skyline - banner

First Trip To Melbourne

Okay, so the title is of this post not quite true. I’ve been to Melbourne before, but only on business, and it was just for a few hours… so that doesn’t count.

Aside from Canberra, Melbourne is the nearest major city to Sydney and so we thought it a great place to begin our exploration of…

NYE 2013-2014 - banner

Happy New Year – Welcome 2014!

Happy New Year!

As the weather on New Year’s Eve was so awesome, we decided that we’d hit beach. We spent the morning and afternoon sunbathing, swimming and having a few cocktails on the sea front.

Natalie tackling a wave on Bondi Beach on…

Nivea sunscreen - banner

The Land of No OZone Layer

Not only does it get crazy hot in Australia (they even had to introduce a new colour into their weather maps last year as they didn’t have one to show temperatures over 45°C) but the ozone layer here is almost non-existent.

This means that the UV levels get dangerously high and you really need to put…

General penalty notice - banner

I’ve Had Better Days

I’ve been in Australia for over 22 weeks now and enjoyed every minute of it. It was inevitable therefore that a crap day was to arrive at some point. That day was today.

On Christmas Eve (yes, you read that right – Christmas Eve), our landlord emailed us to say that in 60 days time she…