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Bondi Vet – Dr. Chris Brown Getting Sexy [GIF]

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Are you looking for my animated GIF of Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown getting sexy? You’re in the right place! Behold…

Bondi Vet - Dr. Chris Brown getting rude / sexy animated GIF

I know it’s childish, but I just couldn’t resist!

On Series 6 Episode 9 of the Channel 10 TV show “Bondi Vet”, Dr. Chris Brown was explaining how he hoped a foreign object swallowed by a dog would pass through it’s intestine. His actions however were maybe a little ambiguous and so I couldn’t help but cave in to the temptation to make it into a slightly rude / sexy GIF.

I also made a 1 minute video loop of it as well for absolutely no good reason whatsoever. Enjoy: