Tony Hawk - Bowl-A-Rama Bondi, Sydney 2014

Bowl-A-Rama 2014 – The Return of Tony Hawk

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On the south end of Bondi Beach there is a skate park with a large split level concrete skate bowl sunk into the ground. Even if you have never visited Bondi and seen the bowl in person, you will have most probably seen it in a music video at one time or another as numerous bands have filmed their shoots using the iconic skate park as a back drop.

Bowl-A-Rama - Set up on Bondi BeachEach year it is also host to the Word famous skateboarding competition ‘Bowl-A-Rama‘, sponsored by Vans and RedBull.

This year was the 10th birthday of Bowl-A-Rama and to celebrate, the one and only Tony Hawk came out of retirement to compete in the competition.

Tony Hawk is now a staggering 45 years old and hasn’t competed in a skateboarding competition since 1999 – that’s 15 years ago!

I bumped into him the day before the competition as he was walking along the beach while they were setting up the stands around the skate bowl, and he looked like a disheveled old man. He was pale, with gray hair and a ghost of the guy I remember gracing my TV screen on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for the PlayStation.

Despite being 45 years old, he still wasn’t the oldest in the competition with World champion Steve Caballero at 49 years old also taking part. Who said this skating business was just for kids!

Bowl-A-Rama - CrowdThe Bowl-A-Rama competition itself was good fun to watch, although to the uneducated like myself, it all looked pretty much the same and if they didn’t fall off, I couldn’t tell one skater from the other!

Who won? Well, even after 15 years of not competing professionally, Tony Hawk still managed to take the title. The top three were:

1st: Tony Hawk
2nd: Steve Caballero
3rd: Nicky Guerrero