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Trains, Pains & Autonomy

It was 5:35pm in the middle of evening rush hour on a Wednesday afternoon at Erskineville train station in Sydney.

As this inner west area is a popular Sydney commuter location, the number of people that alight at the stop is high, and so I exited the train along with at least 50 other individuals. Among…


Apparently My Arm Doesn’t Like Being Bitten

When an Aussie tells you that you should probably go see a doctor, you go and see a doctor.

I woke up a few days ago with an itchy elbow. Something had bit me.

This was nothing out of the ordinary as there are loads of things out here that will give you a nip; ants, mosquitoes,…

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The Land of No OZone Layer

Not only does it get crazy hot in Australia (they even had to introduce a new colour into their weather maps last year as they didn’t have one to show temperatures over 45°C) but the ozone layer here is almost non-existent.

This means that the UV levels get dangerously high and you really need to put…

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I’ve Had Better Days

I’ve been in Australia for over 22 weeks now and enjoyed every minute of it. It was inevitable therefore that a crap day was to arrive at some point. That day was today.

On Christmas Eve (yes, you read that right – Christmas Eve), our landlord emailed us to say that in 60 days time she…

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Sunny, Highs of 32 Degrees, With a Chance of Death

Everyone knows that the weather in Australia can get pretty extreme, and the recent devastating bush fires in New South Wales have proven that it gets crazy hot, but tonight’s weather report on Channel 7 news was apparently predicting the apocalypse!

Tomorrow in…

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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery… and Laziness

So I set up this site a while back and have slowly been retro-adding content to it, but to be honest, I’ve been enjoying being in Australia too much to put any real time and effort into making it look decent.

A few weeks ago however, I spotted that some waster from the UK my friend…

Here We Go!

The time has finally come to leave home and begin the long journey that will end when we reach Australia in exactly 49 hours time from now!

The itinerary for the next 2 days until arrival in Oz is something along the lines of the following:

Sunday 28th July

09:00 – Check-in on flight online
10:00 – Throw…

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Waving Goodbye to all my Belongings

Goodbye luggage! The next time I’ll see my belongings will be on the other side of the world!

Bang on time, at 9am this morning, a TNT lorry appeared outside the house and a burly middle aged gentleman knocked on the door. He’d come…

One Night To Pack Everything!

As the move date draws near, time is becoming exceedingly precious. Even with the best will in the world to plan out all of our activity, it was never going to go as expected.

Unfortunately it came to pass that we only had one night in which to pack all of our suitcases! This was no…

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Packing Advice – Don’t Lose Your Travel Scales!

In the style of Baz Luhrmann: Ladies and gentleman in the class of 2013; Don’t lose your travel scales. If I could offer you only one tip for stress-free packing, not misplacing your luggage scales would be it…

So the TNT courier is coming tomorrow to pick up our cases that are being shipped…