Sunday Pancakes

Since moving to Bondi, myself and Paul have discovered that we have been spoilt for choice with a wide range of restaurants and cafes serving affordable yet delicious food.

As a result of this, we decided to have a weekly treat of Sunday breakfast. This escalated quickly to having Sunday pancakes. We now go to a different cafe each Sunday to see how their pancakes compare to others on offer around Bondi.

I am simply reviewing the pancakes, if you would like more information on the cafes or the menus, look up Paul’s reviews.

Please note that the reviews here are simply our own. Feel free to try the different pancakes yourselves and come to your own conclusions.

Latest Pancake Review

Cafe Bondi 3 star rating - okay

Cafe Bondi pancakes

Pancakes with mixed berries & ice cream or fresh banana, maple syrup & ice cream. $12.90

Exactly what it says on the tin! Yummy pancakes with juicy fruit. The ice cream was quite a nice addition yet I would suggest giving the option of ice cream or yogurt to make it more ‘breakfast time’ friendly. However, the waitress did say I could have berries and bananas like the customer on another table yet only berries arrived.

Brave Cafe 1 star rating - awful

Brave Cafe pancakes

Pancakes with maple syrup. $16.50 + $2.00 with yogurt

Unfortunately these pancakes just didn’t cut it when compared to the rest.

On first look I noticed that the amount of fruit you receive is minimal and there was hardly any maple syrup (although they did give us more when we asked for it). It didn’t get any better when we tasted the pancakes, it seemed as though old food from the grill had been burnt on to the bottom and the pancakes were crispy rather than fluffy.

The Sun Cafe 3 star rating - okay

Sun Cafe pancakes

Menu description here

A great portion size for a competitive price. The fruit was fresh and the pancakes were very soft and fluffy. On the menu the pancakes were offered with ice cream but they let me swap to yogurt instead.

Trio Cafe 4 star rating - good

Trio Cafe pancakes

Mango & lime buttermilk pancakes served with strawberries, lemon curd & double cream. $18.50

Definitely the fanciest pancakes for an extremely fair price. I was worried that I wouldn’t like the lemon curd but my worries were unfounded as it complemented the pancakes wonderfully. The actual pancakes were lovely and fluffy with a crispier outside however, I couldn’t taste the mango and lime that was advertised on the menu.

Trattoria 3 star rating - okay

Trattoria pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes with blueberry compote, banana, mascarpone & maple syrup. $12.90 – 1 stack, $15.90 – 2 stack

These pancakes had the option of two sizes and I obviously went for the bigger portion! The pancakes were soft and light and there was a nice amount of maple syrup. I was a little dubious about the mascarpone cheese instead of yogurt but in reality it made a refreshing change. The one change that I would make is that it would have been great to have slightly more fruit.

Skinny Dip 4 star rating - good

Skinny Dip pancakes

Pancakes with yogurt and berries or bananas (or both). Half stack – $9.90, Full Stack – $13.90

Nothing out of the ordinary but superbly done. I didn’t know whether to go for the berries or the bananas when I ordered but the waitress said I could have both. The bananas had actually been cooked which made them amazing, complimenting the delicious pancakes wonderfully.

Brown Sugar 4 star rating - good

Brown Sugar pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes with seasonal fruit and yogurt. $15.00

Wow! What a massive portion of pancakes with a ridiculous amount of fruit. These were definitely the highlight of my weekend. It was nice to have different types of fruit and the rhubarb and yogurt on top helped to keep the pancakes moist. Definitely great value for money…even I couldn’t finish the plate.

The Depot 4 star rating - good

The Depot pancakes

Gluten free pancake with yogurt and berry compote. $16.50

This was the first pancake that I tasted that set me on the road to seeing what else Bondi has to offer. A big, thick pancake with plenty of yogurt inside and plenty of squidgy and juicy berries on the outside.

Absolutely gorgeous, just need to be careful that the pancake is cooked all the way through with it being so thick.