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On we talk about all of the experiences we have while in Australia from a fun and personal perspective, written by two young UK expats who are experiencing Oz for the very first time. Because of this we attract a wide range of visitors to the site including people from around the world who are looking up information before traveling to Australia on holiday, Australian locals checking out reviews of businesses and services, and people who are thinking about or are in the process of migrating to live in Oz.

Are you a restaurant or bar? – We eat & drink out very frequently and almost always post a review afterwards. If you’d like to invite us to visit your cafe, bar or restaurant, let us know!

Are you a tourist attraction? – As we’ve moved to live in Oz without having ever visited before, we’re experiencing everything for the very first time. So if you run an attraction or experience, and would like us to feature our time with you on the site for other tourists to read about, let us know!

Are you a travel company? – Neither of us have ever been to the southern hemisphere before and so we’ll be traveling extensively around Australia, as well as to New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and beyond. If you offer flights, tours or anything similar and would like to chat, drop me a line!

Are you a hotel? – While exploring Australia, Thailand and all of the other countries on our travels, we’ll naturally be staying in a lot of hotels. If you own a hotel and would like to suggest we stay with you and post a review, we’d be happy to hear from you!

Are you an Australian brand? – Whether you’re an Aussie brand of clothing, beer, wine, furniture or even make-up, we’d be happy to show the rest of the world what you have to offer! Introduce me to your brand and showcase the best of Oz!

Are you just excited to work with PaulInOz? – If you’re none of the above but still wish to engage with the site, I’m more than happy to have a chat with you about how we might be able to work together. Just send me a message!

Some of the Lovely People I’ve Worked With

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Whether you wish to advertise a product, ask for a review of your services or just want to engage with our visitors…